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Writing For Pleasure or Profit?

To me it doesn’t matter whether you write for pleasure or profit, if fact, most writers write for pleasure and the profit is just an added bonus. I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pen. So for me, it started with pleasure and to this day, it still is. I love to entertain people with my words, it’s in my blood and I don’t think it will ever go away.
Yet, I have been lucky enough to turn my writing into money too, which is a great bonus for me, because I do what I love to do, and get paid for it.

However, there is nothing wrong with just writing for the love of it. I know many people that still write in diaries. I once had a student that attended my workshop that had a whole book chock full of short stories and poems, yet she didn’t want to share them with the world as they were personal to her.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you write for pleasure or profit. To me it seems silly not to try and make money of something you love doing, but hey who am I to argue.

One  thing rings true for all writers though, we write not because it’s a chore or a job, we write because we love doing it.

Writing Tips

Over the years I have hosted various workshops and almost inevitably, when first hosting the workshop, I will get told the same old excuses. “It’s too hard,” “It takes to long,” “I’m not creative enough!” and my favourite, “I don’t know how to write.”

To me this just sounds absurd. One of the best writing tips I could ever give is, write the way you talk.
The reason for this is simple. You have been talking your whole life, you have now mastered the art of talking, so if you write the way you talk, you would’ve mastered writing too, which makes the excuse it’s too hard to write obsolete.

The benefits of writing the way you talk are numerous. For one, you will write faster. (slaying the, it’s too hard myth.) The faster you write, the better it will be. Secondly, you will be talking to your reader, not at them. 

So if you are considering writing for a living, then I highly recommend you write the way you talk. You’ll find that your writing will become much tighter, easier and more importantly, enjoyable to read. 

Publishing Success

FORGET ABOUT TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING! This may shock some of the seasoned writers that don’t want to see the traditional publishers go out of business.
Think of it like this: Traditional publishers, like any business, want to make a profit. They do this by backing writers they know will make them money. If you’re a new writer, what is the chances of landing that illustrious contract? Unfortunately, very slim I’m afraid.

So what can you do about it? Well there is good news, over the last decade we have seen a massive shift from paperback publishing to digital with the introduction of e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobel’s Nook and Apple iPad. This can only be good news to up and coming writers. It has become so easy to get your book published on these platforms that anyone can write a book and get it published.

Be warned though, just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you can publish trash. Always keep your reader in mind and publish good quality content they can enjoy.

So if you have a book, or are starting a book, to ensure it’s success, go digital.

Great Reviews

One way to make your book sales soar without much effort on your part is to get good reviews.
Look at it this way. Say you want to buy a new laptop and you’re friend Mike has just brought a new laptop and can’t stop raving about it. Chances are, you are going to go out and buy that same laptop. Why? Because it has been endorsed by a friend. If it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for you. The same principle works for books. You just have to look at the massive success 50 shades of Grey has had. Most of the success E L James received is down to word of mouth.

I bet when you are looking for titles to read on your holidays, you go to the review section and read some reviews before making the decision to buy.

One of the best ways to ensure you get really good reviews is simply write a really good book. In fiction terms, you want to write a book that will take your reader away from reality, even if it’s just for a moment. In non fiction terms, you have to give the reader the answers to the questions they’re looks for. It’s as simple as that. So make sure that once, you’ve written and published your books, get some reviews.

Write any Book for Profit in 30 Days or Less

30days_3DSo you want to learn how to write a book? Well I can teach you…
How to Write a Fiction or Non-Fiction Book, in 30 days or less.

It’s true and entirely possible.
I can show YOU how to write a book in under a month! Even if you’ve never even considered writing something of that size.
Even if you feel you can’t write or type, or if you have precious little time to write. The Mind-Blowing information provided in this powerful book will revolutionise the way you tackle writing a book and make writing the Best-Seller You deserve faster than you ever thought possible.
“You’re Book Will Practically Write Itself!”

You’ll learn a number of techniques and strategies I have learn’t and used over the years to write books month after month. Techniques like: How to write a chapter in under a day, (depending on how fast you type.)
How to write a non-fiction book in 50 hours or less.
How to write living, breathing, real characters in seconds.
How to buy best selling plots for mere pennies. Totally legal without getting into trouble with copyright laws.
Learn how to do research in the fastest time possible. Cutting it down from days to mere hours.
Learn how to get in the right mindset so that nothing will stop you from writing your book.
Discover how to create killer topics that keep your readers coming back for more.
How to get an agent successfully following simple steps.
Learn the secret strategy of knowing what’s on every page of your book, before it’s even written.
Learn how to create a mood in seconds using a very special technique.
Discover how to unleash your creativity, even when you don’t think you have any.
How to turn you book into a customer magnet, turning on the tap to never-ending profits.
And much, much more.

So if you’ve ever had the desire to write a book, but thought it would be too hard and time consuming. I’m here to tell you it’s entirely possible for you to write it start to finish in under a month, no matter what your level of experience is.

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SigridI came across Glen’s Information on Writing a Book a few months ago and was delighted to find how easy and clear his information was to understand and implement.
I have been toying with the idea of writing a book for a very long time – but believed it would take months, if not years to complete.
Now with Glen’s great advise and help, it’s now ready for print.
The writing of my book actually took 6 weeks to complete, but two weeks of that time was devoted to research, so Glen’s advise that you can actually write a book in under a month is quite achievable.
I simply cant wait for his new course to be available with videos, audios and PDF’s.
It’ll be so much easier to take in the information with the visuals and audios.
I’ve already got several other ideas in the pipeline for books.

Thank you so much Glen.
Sigrid Gangsoy



I‘ve been toying over the idea of writing a book to promote my health and fitness business for a while now, but was always daunted by the amount of work I needed to put into it. Finally, I decided it was time and did a little searching on the Internet on how to write a book. Lucky for me, I came across Glen’s website
After contacting him, we arranged to meet and he explained to me just how easy it was to write a book. At first I didn’t believe him, but I was lucky enough to be one of the first to review his Simple Writing Strategies book. Glen’s techniques and strategies are laid out in such a simple and straightforward manner, even I could understand and implement them.
I am forever indebted to Glen for helping me not only get my book off the ground, but he has shown me the exact steps I need to take to get it published too.

Many thanks for all your help Glen.
Pete Wakefield 

LaviniaI found out about Glen when he hosted a webinar on how to self-publish your own book about a year ago. At the time the webinar was 3 am local time for me, but I stayed up and wasn’t disappointed.
Since that time, I have been a fan of Glen’s frank no-nonsense delivery style and his authenticity due to his own story of being self-published, and the success he’s achieved with it.
His eBook “How To Write a Profitable Book in 30 days or Less” is a great read. Full of passion, tips and inspiration to get you going. I’m currently using it to write my own book and get it published.
There’s some real Charlatans out there, but Glen Palmer is most certainly not one of them! I recommend him, his products and his course completely.

Thank you Glen for all you do.
Lavinia Osbourne


Stephen King shares his thoughts on Twilight, 50 shades of Grey, H.P Lovecraft and more.

Ever wanted to climb inside the mind of one of the world’s greatest writers?
When I watched this I just had to share it. Truly inspirational.
In this video Stephen King speaks on a number of topics and takes questions for students in this writing “Master Class”.
“FAIR WARNING!” There is explicit language used throughout this video that is not appropriate for all ages. Parental Discretion is Advised.

About Glen L K Palmer

profile picGlen L K Palmer

Glen Palmer was born in Derbyshire, United Kingdom on the 30th October 1975. He spent the first 5 years of his life in Derbyshire before his parents moved his family over to South Africa. He had a pretty normal upbringing but found he had a flair for captivating storytelling. In fact he was so good at it, for years, he convinced his brother he was an alien. He used his storytelling skills though out his school career writing short stories and poems in a little black book. His secondary school English teacher was so impressed with his writing skills that she made him the editor of his school’s newspaper.

After school he drifted from job to job, not knowing what he wanted in life, and soon his passion for writing dwindled somewhat. It was only after returning to England in 2000, that he decided to reignite his passion for writing.

He is a regular contributor to magazines and has published articles for Dogs Monthly, FH&L, Diver and Getaway to name a few, and holds regular writing workshops, helping new and upcoming writers develop their skills.

He now lives in Barnsley with his wife Marie-Clare and his English Springer Spaniel Shaggy, where he continues to write daily.
Besides his loving wife and faithful dog, his other passions include Scuba Diving, Herpatology and of course, writing.

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